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Interview mit Johnny Kelvin zum Event am 04.03.2016

On March, 04. 2016 we have DJ and Producer Johnny Kelvin on the Turtables in our Club Take Five in Kitzbuehel. Curious we wanted to know more about this big name in house-music, so we ask Johnny to get a short Interview with him – and here it is:

Club Take Five, Kitzbühel: Hi Johnny welcome to Kitzbühel! What do you think about our famous town?
Johnny Kelvin: I’ve heard a lot about it, so I am quit excited to finally visit your home town .

Club Take Five, Kitzbühel: So this is your first time in Kitzbühel and in the legendary Club Take Five? Have you ever heard of it?
Johnny Kelvin: Yes it is the very first time, and  i can’t wait to experience the great vibes that I have heard from others before me.

Club Take Five, Kitzbühel: Since you are one of the top djs the expectation of our crowd concerning your performance is, of course, very high. How do you think you can fulfil it?
Johnny Kelvin: Just to be myself and let go together with the audiences, and let the frequencies takeover our bodies and minds … Cant wait to be there .. 😉

Club Take Five, Kitzbühel: For the few people that don’t know you would you please tell us a little bit about you and your career.
Johnny Kelvin: Am I a vocalistdj producer singer songwriter & Ghostcompany owner, I manage 7 producers in my production house, were we produce and deliver music for the much to busy artist all over the world. For further informations and my biography you can visit my website

After all, Performing still Is my biggest passion and something that I will never stop, maybe slowdown a little, but certainly not on the 4th March in the Club Take Five, i promise! 😉

Club Take Five, Kitzbühel: Thank you Johnny Kelvin for the short Interview. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon in Kitzbuehel.